Climate Model Diagnostic Analyzer Overview

Motivation of this project

Significance of this project

What is CMDA?

  1. Is designed for the climate modeling and model analysis community to analyze climate data from models and observations.
  2. Provides tools to diagnostically analyze climate data for model validation and improvement: over 20 single- or multiple-variable analysis tools.
  3. Enables multi-aspect, physics-based climate data analyses.
  4. Facilitates comprehensive and synergistic use of observational data, reanalysis data, and model outputs.
  5. Collects provenance and supports provenance-based search.
  6. Manages analysis provenance for sharing results with other investigators.
  7. Is a web-based information system.
  8. Does not require local software/library installation.
  9. Provides all the input data needed for analysis: over 600 long-term datasets, over 50 different multi-domain variables.

Scientific Use Cases

We provide a few scientific use cases of CMDA: Scientific Use Cases Overview

Educational Use Cases

We also provide a few educational use cases of CMDA: Educational Use Cases Overview

Existing CMDA Stories

CMDA team successfully launched 2016 JPL Climate Sciences Summer School. Go to the site here.